Sex Toy Party Plan

We understand many of our customers are doing their adult home party business which is a great business model for direct sale. In order to help our customers to have a more successful home party business, we are offering great value-added service to you!

We understand as a home party company or home party consultant, you need to provide lovely and beautiful bags to your customers to help them put sex toys they purchase from you, or you need offer to your hostess as a gift. Problably you are too busy to have time to think about what kind of bags you need, don't worry we will do it for you.

Meanwhile, since you are doing adult home party business, you need make the party fun for your girls, we are preparing the fun stuff for you to make your parties successful, and your guests will remember you and come to your parties again and again, then you will touch the key of success of your business --- "CUSTOMER LOYALTY"

As long as you are doing a home party business, we will offer you below POWERFUL PARTY STUFF plan:

1. Cheap Home Party Gift Bags (as below):

2. We offer special service of printing your LOGO stickers for you at China price, you can host all your parties with your own logo or brand, IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS!

Please contact us, and send us your logo design in AI or CDR files, so we can quote the printing cost for you, contact us at [email protected]
logo sticker.jpg

3. Offer free catalog for your, ship with your package together, you don't have to have all our items, just let your customers check the catalog and let you know what they are interested in, then you can order from us later, RAISE YOUR SALE! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STOCK! IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! (You can stick your logo on the catalog) ===> COMING SOON!

If you have any questions about our sex toy parties service, please don't hesitate to contact us!

99 USD special home party packages: ( save your money ! )

All packages are only 100 USD, but have a wide product range to satisfy your customers requirements, each package can satisfy a small adult home party. Best solution for new starters of sex toy home party business and customers who want to buy small orders.

99 USD Sex Toy Party Kit A

Total Retail Value: 500 USD
99 USD Sex Toy Party Kit B

Total Retail Value: 500 USD

If you need more information about how to host a sex toy home party, please visit our blog:

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