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Shipping & Delivery

What's your delivery time?

    How Long Will It Take To Delivery? Total delivery time is composed of two parts. The first part is the processing time.This is the time from when ... more info

How long it takes if I choose use UPS as my carrier?

    No matter you choose TNT, DHL, or UPS as your air express company, it normally takes 5-7 days to handle the shipping from China to your ... more info

How many days do I need to receive my order?

    Normally you need to wait about 6-10 days to receive your products in your address after we receive your payment. ** Please note: ... more info

How do I check my order status and track my order delivery?

    After you place your order, you can login and check your order status time to time. When you order is shipped, you order status will indicate " ... more info

How many countries you can ship to worldwide?

    We can ship to most of countries in the world. But due to the shipping rate of some countries are always changing, so we didn't set them in our ... more info

What's the benefit for EMS and how long for delivery?

    EMS don't have remote area shipping cost ( UPS and DHL have this extra cost, need extra 30 USD if your shipping address is belong to remote shipping ... more info

What kind of shipping methods do your company provide?

    We provide below air express companies as our shipping methods: 1. UPS  (3-5 days, cheap for US and EU countries) 2. EMS  (5-7 days, great ... more info

Shipping cost and Tax to USA

    If my order totals to about 3 hundred dollars what can I expect to pay in tax and/or shipping fee's? (destination California) Are your fee's based on ... more info

Why your put the items and packings separately in the carton?

    Yes, we put the item and package seperately in the box sometime,  as a we known adult toy distributor from China , one of our main ... more info

What's EMS? What's the difference between EMS and others?

    EMS is an international air express shipping service provided by China Post, the shipping cost is cheaper to some countries than UPS and DHL. It has ... more info

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