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Taxes,Customs & Duties

Does the price of product include the Customs cost in China?

    Yes, all our prices are FOB Shanghai price, you don't have to worry about the cost in China. Only if you choose sea shipping and use your own ... more info

Do I need to pay Tax or Customs Clearance cost in my country?

    It depends on the law in different countries. Noramlly there will be a small tax charged by your Customs in US and main European ... more info

What's the importing tax based on?

    It will be various for different countries and courier companies. Normally if you use UPS or DHL, the importing tax when your products arrive your ... more info

import to US Tariff and custome charges

    Hi, Is 5% of the invoice amount which is come with the package to you. We can put s smaller amount on the invoice to help you pay less tax. All ... more info

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