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What kind of shipping methods do your company provide?

We provide below air express companies as our shipping methods:

1. UPS  (3-5 days, cheap for US and EU countries)

2. EMS  (5-7 days, great ability for Customs Clearance in some countries which have strict regulation for importing sex toy products)

3. DHL  (3-5 days, cheap for some countries)

More are coming...

All shipping mothods are door to door service, you don't have to go to your port to pick up the products and handle the complex Customs Clearance issues. What you need do is just waiting at your home, it's easy, simple and safe for your business.

We will keep finding more shipping mothods which are good and cheap for certain countries.

What we do is trying to provide cheap and safe shipping methods to our customers all over the world, we don't hope customers spend a lot of money in shipping, we will do our best to make the shipping cost as low as we can for customers.