Delay Caused by Customs Inspection.

Recently we had some packages was checked by China Customs, so this Customs Inspection caused the delay for some packages, the reason is some customers of our shipping agent use EMS to ship replica packages, so China Customs stopped some of their shipments and sent them to Customs warehouse to check them. But we’ve started to use other EMS shipping agent to send the EMS shipments.

Although this delay is caused by replica shipments which violates the international business policy, Customs Inspection delay is normally, so we would like to suggest customers who have planned a home party on certain date or has a new store start, please make the order at least 15 days before the date to avoid the Customs delay in case.

Also please understand that we do our best to ship all packages as early as we can, we ship many orders the same day or next day, but we can not control the delay caused by Customs and shipping companies, as we are not part of them, some customers get mad when this case happens, they think it’s our faulty that there are delay cased by Customs or shipping company, we can understand no customers like delay, but this problem happens sometimes.

Buy anyway, we will keep providing the best service to our customers, also thank for the understandin and support from all our customers all over the world.

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