Return Policy and Warranty from

We understand new customers will have mainly 2 kinds of concerns when they are planing to place the first order from us:
1. If we are a real business who will really send the products.
2. If in case there are any damaged or defective items when they receive the products, what return policy we have.
Below are answers of these questions:
2. First of all we check every single item before the shipment, but sometimes it happens that products are damaged during the transportation.
And We do provide return policy to all our customers, and all items have 60 days warranty after customers receive the products. Once you find any damaged items, please inform us ASAP in 60 days ( some customers don’t check items in their stores, so we offer 60 days warranty, just in case after being sold out, their customers find the products are damaged, we will also solve it ), so we can make a record for you and send new replacements in your next shipment.  But according to our experience for the past 7 years, the damage rate for the shipment is very low.

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