How do I know I will make money if we order wholesale sex toys from you?

The way to judge if buy wholesale products from us is worthy or not is as below:
Products cost + average sihpping cost for that item + importing tax ( if have ) = Total cost of one item order from us
If the total cost of one item order from us x 2 =< your local retailing cost, you will make a profit ( 50% or less profit, you can make your retailing price low than nromal retailers to have more benifits), and then you will know order from your local wholesaler or from us will be better for you.
Because in USA market, competion is high, normally the retailling price for sex toys is also not so high, so 50% gross profit and cheaper retailing prices will be good enough. We have 40% customers from Australia and Europe, they normally make their retailing price = 3-5 * cost from us, and they still have a good retailing price, in France, Norway, Sweden, they even have higher retailing price. But the difference is USA market has huge demond of products, so price is cheaper in USA.
We ship more than 700 orders in Feb to USA, 70% are old customers who ordered from us at least 2 times, 30% of them have more than 1 stores in USA, they keep ordering from us, and our cost help them make mroe money.

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