Does adult toy need any certificates to import to your country?

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Recently some customers met a Customs clearance problem when their packages arrive at their Customs, Customs asked them to provide FDA certificate for products clearance. Although we met only a few cases, we still want to let our customers know the information about that case.

The reason Customs ask certificate to clear the products is because they never open the box and don’t know what products inside the box, they just make an judgement according to the invoice and documents. And the solution is very easy, just call the local shipping company, start a complain and let them know there are adult toys in side the box, they don’t need any certificate to clear the Customs. According to our experience now, after the call, shipping company cleared the products and shipped the products to they address in the same day or next day.

Meanwhile, if you meet any problem about at Customs, and need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or contact a local broker, adult toy is a normal and legal products for most of countries, they don’t need any certificates or special requirements for importing.

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