About the Customs fee or importing tax when you buy wholesale sex toys from China

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More and more customers are asking the cost when they buy wholesale sex toys from China, and even many customers don’t know there will be a cost when they buy products in bulk from other countries. As a sex toy wholesaler, in order to provide better service, it’s our responsibility to let you know more when you start your own adult toy business

Normally the Customs fee or tax depend on your country’s Customs policy and tariff.

Some country are very free and easy to import products, and don’t have strick regulations. Sucha as USA, Australia, normally when customers buy sex toys from us, there is no tax or cost if the total amount is below 200 USD ( Below 500 USD in Australia ), even when the amount is more than that, the tariff is still low, like 5% in USA.

However, some countries might have strick importing policy, such as Italy, when you import products to Italy, you need make sure all items you are buying have CE certificate, at least there is a CE mark on the package to indicate it, otherwise, Italian Customs might hold your package and ask you to show the certificate. Quite a lot of customers from Italy have been talking to us about the strict policy, and we also have been tried to test some small orders to ship to Italy, we make sure there is a CE mark on each item’s package, the test is successful. Our customer received the package with Italian Customs even never ask a question. Although we shipped the package to Italy successfully, it’s still a small package, we will still need to test more to see if it will work for big orders. We will let all Italian customers know it once we have the result. However, i need to say we have to respect the law and policy of any countries, what we are doing is to make the delivery smoothly, but not try to break the law or policy.

Also the tariff is different or huge different for some countries. Such as if you import sex toys to UK, all packages’ value more than 20 Pounds will need to be charged about 17% tax, but if you are a company, the tax will be refunded to you after you sell these products ( this policy is same as most of other European countries when you import sex toys to EU, so normally European companies don’t mind to pay full tax, as they can get refund later or sooner ). However, different product category also have different tarrif, such as in France, when you buy wholesale sex toys, the tariff is different from lingieres, many European countries have a high importing tax tariff for textile.

Some countries in South America have very high tariff, such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and so on. All customers from those countries need to calculate the total cost before you start to order sex toys or adult products from China. But also we actually don’t have to worry about it, as normally you can sell sex toys or lingeries at a good price in your countries.

Anyway, we would like to let every new starters to know that there is a cost from your Customs when you buy products in bulk from other countries, it’s better to chech with your Customs about the importing tax of adult toys and what you are going to buy. We can help you to pay less, but we can not help you to change the law :).

If you have any questions about the importing tax or tariff, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help. We also hope you can let us know your tax tariff when you import sex toys to your countries, so we can make a database of the tariff from different countries, so we can offer more information for new starters.

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