How to host a sex toy home party?

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Parties is a great troditional activity in western countreis, adult home parties are also very popular now. For all visitors or guests, they can have a great time and have a lot of fun, but for you, it’s a great chance to make money at home, even could be your full time job or business.

Firstly, you can visit our sex toy party plan which will help you to start your own sex toy home party business:

At the beginning, it’s the best to invite your close girl friends, family and neighbours. This will help you relax and easy to communicate with your party guests and they will be willing to give you good feedback which will help you get your party plan salespitch perfected, so encourage them to be honest and give your more feedback to impove your business better. Once you have set a date for a get together you need to make sure you have all “party material” get ready for the party and these depend a little bit on your subject of this party and of course your budget. But at least you need get the products ready which you will be selling at the party to your guests. After you have some experience, you will be able to know what kind of adult toys your guests will like, and what kind of products will help your have more profit. About the products range, the more products you can have the more chances you will sell to your guests, your guests would be more happy if then can select what they love from various sex toys.

The following items as essential to be presented to your guests at your party:

High quality Rabbit vibrators
Realistic penis vibrators
Realistic dildo
clit stim massager
Penis Pumps
Vibrator Kits
Strap Ons
Male masturbators
Vibrating Cockring
Anal toys – they are extremely popular, though no one will admit it
Fun adult novelties
Vibrating bullets and eggs
More SM and lingerie items would be better

If your budget allows then you will increase sales by showing more products.

Please remember that it’s a girls romance party, girls need romance and easy to be moved by romance, so you need to do your best to make the party romantic, when the atmosphere of your party is romantic enough, including the color, music, wine, communication, and when they have a real funny time, they are very willing to make a purchase or place more orders from you. So you need prepare more:

1. Fun games, to make your guests have fun and relex.
2. Fun, even stupid adult novelties to help your guests no feel shy at the party, such as :

Jumping Jolly PeckerJumping Jolly Pecker, Sexy Eagle MustardSexy Eagle MustardSexy Male Nose with Eye-glassesSexy Male Nose with Eye-glasses

3. Make your “material funny”, such as your one time use forks, spoons and knives with a cute penis shape, also make your sipper and paper plates sexy, these will help alot.

4. Make some sexy and funny choclate with an ice maker for your guests, cush as :
Sexy Male Ice MakerSexy Male Ice Maker

5. Great music

6. Some wine, you can prepare it or let your guest bing you one each.

Once you start your home party business you need to do your best to spread your network, as you need more and more customers come to you, as you will soon use up your close friends and relatives resource, new network means more and more chance to have more successful parties and sales. Meanwhile, you still need to keep good contacts with your old cusotmers, you need their feedback and suggestions to help make your business better,  and keep them informed about your new sex toys and products which are better for their sex life, you need let them know you are caring about them. Please remember that when your cusotmers keep come back again and again to you, you will have a long-term and successful business which is you need. If you guests come to you, and never come back, your business must have some problems, and you need think about it, find it out and solve it!

The 2 keys to help you have a successful sex toy home party business:

1. Educate your guests how to use sex toys and help them improve their sex like, make them know they are being offered a better life, not feeling you are selling products to them

2. Keep have new products to them, as sex toy is a kind of consuming products, your customers need new items.

Other ways to promote your business:

Your existing network is the cheapest and fastest way to start your business you may want to conside other ways to promote your business such as:

Local paper advertising
A web site with information about your business
Business Cards
Flyers – Be discrete but intriguing
Newsagents Windows
Supermarkets Displays
Internet Advertising
MySpace, Facebook, blogs and appropriate forums
Expanding the Business

When you have built your own sex toy party plan business and are succeeding in sales on a regular basis you are then ready to really take the business to the next level by recruiting reps to work for your business as part of your team. With your experience and insights you will be able to teach them how to make their business a real success. Once they are fully active you will earn a percentage of their sales all the time they work for you. If you can get this part of the business model working for you then the profit levels and income can be much bigger beyond the level that you can achieve doing parties on your own. Remember one of my former article, i mentioned that one of our customer from Norway, start her business 4 year ago, and now she has more than 30 home party consults working for her, so i believe after hard working, everyone can make a good business, have a time free and finance free life! Please read this article:  ==>Customer achieved 100% raising in last year for sex toy retailing.

As a sex toy wholesaler and adult party supplier, we are newly provide our 99 USD start up home party kits, you can start your own sex toy parties at only 99 USD which is 500 USD retail value, which means you can earn at least 350 USD from this 99 USD kits, isn’t it a good deal? Start to try our products and service, you won’t be disappointed!

99 USD Sex Toy Party Kit A
Total Retail Value: 500 USD

99 USD Sex Toy Party Kit B

Total Retail Value: 500 USD

If you need any help or information about your existing adult home party business, or starting a new home party business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help!

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