Shipping delay caused by COVID-19

Upadated on July 12th

Dear Customers,

Shipping delay is getting better in June and July according to our experience, there is still a 3-5 days delay at the airport to waiting for being loading on the planes ( maybe faster ), but it’s much better compare with April and May, it’s good news!

Best Regards Team

Dear customers, 

From the end of March, we’ve been suffered from UPS and DHL shipping delay, many shipments were delayed for even more than 2 weeks compare to our normal shipping time. It’s May now, the delay is still there, both our customers who need their products urgently and us have been under a big pressure. We apologize for this delay, but please also understand that it’s totally out of our control, we are doing our best to ship out orders as fast as we can to save time from our part, even we have to do over time work. Some customers keep blaming us, so we have to publish this announcement of delay on our website.

Customers who need products urgently or have a party planned in next 2-3 weeks, please consider this uncontrollable delay, once we ship out the order, we will be not able to control the shipping, and the delay might be caused by the Customs or the shipping company delay.

Please understand that normally our shipping agents pick up orders everyday from our warehouse, and transfer to DHL or UPS warehouse at Hong Kong airport, both UPS and DHL can arrange flights very quick once shipments arrive in UPS or DHL warehouse at HK airport in normal time.
But recently, due to the influence of the COVID-19,  all cargo flights will ship medical supplies to the USA and European countries in priority, so shipping for normal goods will have to wait for the flight arrangements for more days at Hong Kong airport. Both UPS and DHL in Hong Kong have less flights scheduled to ship normal goods, so the handling time and waiting time at Hong Kong airport is longer than normal time. According to our experience, the handling time might be 7 days or more than normal time at Hong Kong airport. 

We are sorry for the delay, we hope everything will go back to normal very soon, and thank you for your understanding, and please sate safe!

Best Regards Team

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