DHL and UPS shipping delay caused by busy season before Christmas

Dear Customers,

As you know busy season for Christmas is coming, many products and shipments need to be shipped from China to different countries in this world.

Christmas season is really important for everyone, especially in 2020, people in this world suffered a lot from the COVID-19. People need a happy Christmas with products they want for their lives or for their families.

It seems people are buying more, both DHL and UPS, even the sea shipping companies have to let us wait to ship products, they keep delaying to handle air shipments or load products to the boat, because they have too many shipments to work for.

According to our experiene in October, there is a delay at Hong Kong air port, after our shipping agents send shipments to DHL or UPS warehouse at Hong Kong air port. There is a long queue to wait to be handled by DHL or UPS, this queue is causing about 2-5 days shipping delay, this delay might last until November.

So we suggest customers can plan the shipping time 2-5 days longer than normal time if you are ordering sex toys for your business or stores and for your Christmas sales plan. But we will do our best to ship out orders as fast as we can! Thank you for your understanding.

Beset Regards Team

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