Shipping delay in March

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your patient waiting for your orders.

We understand that some of customers’ packages are still on the way, we are really sorry for this long delay, as we explained that due to the COVID-19 is spreading faster in Shen Zhen and Hong Kong area, the cases is increasing everyday. There is even more than 50,000 cases new cases increased in one day in Hong Kong which is a small place but more than 700 million people living there. Many of us have friends in Hong Kong, and actually we all have friends that they told us that they got infected and quarantined at home, and most of them are self-quarantined at home, even with kits, as there are not enough public hospital resource for young people, all hospital resource are for elder people in priority now. And even shipping companies like UPS or DHL in Hong Kong only have 1/2 human resource can keep working now, this makes the efficiency and speed are slower than before.

Shen Zhen is very close to Hong Kong, no matter for the distance, society, business, transportation and so on, and all our products need to be transferred from our Shen Zhen warehouse to Hong Kong air port UPS or DHL warehouse first, then orders ( packages ) will be handled by UPS or DHL and loaded on their flights, that’s why customers will see normally after your orders show ” Left Warehouse “, we will send tracking number the next day, and normally the UPS or DHL tracking information will be updated after another day, that’s the time for packages being transferred and exported from our Shen Zhen warehouse to Hong Kong air port. It’s quite close, but it needs some time, as there are border and Customs between 2 areas, all products need to be exported to Hong Kong first, and then fly from Hong Kong to different countries of our customers.

After COVID-19 problem getting serious again in the end of February of 2022, there were more than 50,000 new cases increased everyday in Hong Kong, and quite a lot of cross-border truck drivers who normally transfer products from Shen Zhen to Hong Kong ( or from Hong Kong to Shen Zhen ) were tested that they were infected by the virus, both governments in Shen Zhen and Hong Kong realized it’s serious, and in order to cut the spread of virus from Hong Kong, they stopped the the cross-border trucks temporarily. So our shipping agents had to choose boats to transfer products from Shen Zhen to Hong Kong, it’s quite complex and need more time to handle and clear.

We explained all above difficulties, but we are not trying to push the responsibility away, like we didn’t do the work good by blaming the bad weather. We feel guilty and anxious since the delay happened, and we are still doing our best, and from this week in Shen Zhen, we were forced not go to offices or warehouses and stay at home for quarantine to “fight” with the virus spreading, but we are still working hard, we will keep tracking for customers from home, reply emails and solve problems for customers from home.

And finally we apologize for this shipping delay again, and thank you for your understanding and patient waiting.

Best Regards Team

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